Restore My Voting Rights

Virginia's disenfranchisement law is unconstitutional. We aim to change it.
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Explanation of the federal lawsuit to Restore Felon Voting Rights in Virginia

Sa'ad El-Amin explains the federal lawsuit he filed against Virginia Governor McDonnell and others in which challenges the current disenfranchisement of persons convicted of felony offenses from the right to vote and hold office in the State of Virginia.

He explains some of the historical facts recited in the lawsuit regarding Virginia's history of suppressing the African American vote through poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses and other forms of intimidation. He explains that his suit asks for a declaratory judgment that Virginia's history of suppressing the black vote was a substantial and motivating factor in the adoption of the 1870 and subsequent revisions of Virginia's Constitution which denies the right to vote for felons.

He also explains that the most profound result if the lawsuit is successful will be that the vast majority of the 400,000 Virginians who are being denied the right to vote because of a felony record, will be able to vote in the upcoming November presidential election. If that happens a significant majority will vote for President Obama and Virginia will no longer be a battleground State as it will be solidly in Mr. Obama's column.



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