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Virginia's disenfranchisement law is unconstitutional. We aim to change it.
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Plantiff Filings

Affirmation of Sa'ad El-Amin

Brief Description: 

I am the plaintiff in the SA'AD EL-AMIN, Plaintiff, v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, et a1., Defendants (Case No. 3:12CV538) matter where I am appearing pro se.

On or about July 1, 2003, I entered a guilty plea in this Court to violating 18 U.S.C. §371, conspiracy to attempt to evade or defeat tax.  On or about October 17, 2003, the Court sentenced me to 37 months in federal prison and ordered that following my release from prison that I would be on supervised release for a term of three years.  I was released from prison on May 10, 2006.  I completed my supervised release on August 9, 2009.  My felony conviction has resulted in my being barred from voting and holding public office in Virginia for the rest of my life.

In order to have my right to vote restored, it is necessary that I file a restoration petition with the Governor of the State of Virginia.  I meet the criteria necessary to file a restoration petition.  However, I have not made application for reinstatement of my voting rights.  I have not made a restoration of rights and application because I do not believe that Virginia had the constitutional right to disenfranchise me from voting. I base that belief on the following two reasons:

  • Virginia's inexcusable, inhumane and racist history of suppression of the voting rights of Black people; and
  • Virginia did not disenfranchise those who rebelled against the Union as mandated by §2 of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution which again was motivated by racist, inhumane and inexcusable reasons.
  • The historical research that I undertook to support the factual history set forth in both my opposition to the Defendants' Motion to Dismiss and, to my Memorandum in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment, was done at the Virginia Historical Society ("VHS"), and the literature cited in both of these pleadings were taken from books, articles, and other sources from the VHS.
Date Filed: 
Mon, 09/24/2012
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